Where does the money go?


100% of the proceeds from the PSE STEAM Color Run are used to support the PSE STEAM Instructional Program. Learn more about some of the PSE STEAM Units below. 



The kindergarten classes collaborated with the Charleston Animal Society to create real and sustainable improvement in lifesaving and humane care for animals in the shelter. The students #madeitbetter by creating Boredom Busters for the animals. This project was made possible by the 2017 PSE STEAM Color Run!


Second Grade

Our second grade classes research the issues surrounding water conservation and access to clean water. They determined their "water footprints" and generated solutions for water conservation. In art infusion, they #madeitbetter by designing and creating a mosaic fence to surround the rain barrel that will be used to collect water for the school gardens. This project was made possible by the 2017 PSE STEAM Color Run!


Fourth Grade

Fourth graders researched rising sea levels and its effects on communities in the Charleston area. They also investigated how rising sea levels effect animal habitats in our wetlands. With the help of the 2018 PSE STEAM Color Run funds, the students were able to #makeitbetter by raising awareness of rising sea levels and by advocating for increased wetlands protection laws to local and state governments.



first Grade

First graders researched ways that people can protect endangered animals, specifically in Berkeley County. Students raised money to donate to the Seewee Educational Center to help with their efforts to protect endangered animal. Activities and explorations within the unit were made possible by the 2018 PSE STEAM Color Run!


Third Grade

Third graders investigated the "science of kindness"  and worked to #makeitbetter by conducting Random Acts of Kindness in the school and community. PSE STEAM Color Run funds were used to purchased supplies for the Kindness Rocks that were created at the PSE STEAM Family Night! Look for these rocks hidden throughout the community. Click here to learn more about this STEAM Unit!